One Room Challenge – Week 3

Week three of the One Room Challenge is finally behind us, and I’m hoping all of the bumps in the road are behind us as well! After having a run-in with a flight of stairs, we called in reinforcements to help keep us on schedule.

This week the plan started out to build our industrial beams and add wall moulding–if we were being overly optimistic, the bar cart would be built and completed, too! Yes, overly optimistic and no, we did not complete it yet! I think this might be where the, reach for moon and you’ll land among stars old line, comes together. It might also be in the vocabulary of every DIYer that a 30 minute project really means a few hours if not days. Guilty of that over here!

All in all, we are ahead of the game! We managed to get our trim and crown molding installed and trimmed out the existing bench with a new, modern and chunky style. Then we went ahead and started to tackle the beams. They are turning out SO gorgeous, but not without its own challenges.

When we went to hang the support beams, we were trying to mark the joists to secure the beam to and whoops, we forgot to check where the joists ran. Instead of running perpendicular as we assumed, they are running parallel to where we had intended to install the beams. That meant, the symmetry we were trying to create would be changed and we needed to come up with a new plan.

The best part of the entire week is to see a hundred flops to find an end result worthy of the work. We stained, textured, sanded, re-stained and textured again before finally getting to the look we wanted originally. But it is SO GOOD when a DIY comes together and completes the vision you were only dreaming of.

For week four of the challenge, we will be installing the beams, lighting and getting the bar cart underway! With the progress we are seeing so far, I think we might wrap up our room a week early! Which is a little scary because that means we have time to make changes.

Don’t forget to check out all of the incredible designs and progress being made with the other participants here! With all of us stuck in the house for months, we’re seeing the most creative designs I have ever seen.

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