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Y’all, I thought it was Friday all day today. Today is the Fridayest Thursday I have had in a long time. At every turn, I would mutter, thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday! Nope. Just not true.

On Fridays we have a tradition of Breakfast for Dinner, as it is the easiest meal to plan ahead weekly. By the time Friday rolls around, who wants to actually cook again? We’ve all had a week crunched into five days, right? So today, I ordered groceries for pickup (since it’s Friday), the typical eggs, fruit, a little milk, and I started thawing berries to go in pancakes.

As I’m relaying this information to Jon, a light bulb goes off and I realize it’s Thursday. Again. This is the 3rd time I’ve asked what day it is and it’s only 3pm. Guys–this is where being a stay at home parent paid off. Win for the struggle bus. I HAVE A FREEZER FULL OF MEALS. Literally (84) meals just begging to be tossed in the oven for moments JUST like this. I popped a lasagna in the oven and merrily went on my way.

All of this reminded me to actually share our meal prepping, as I intended to weeks ago and whoops, slipped my mind! I really hope you guys find this useful, and inspire you to get your freezer stocked. And just maybe, to help you on days you forget to brush your teeth and barely make it to school pick up on time.

Having a freezer stocked full of meals we all love and can be popped in the oven without adding a single ingredient is so blissful. Grammy (my mother) and I spent two days in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, and now I have 87 meals ready and waiting to get us through the next few months.

After totaling up the groceries and the supplies we used, our per meal cost comes out to $8.00 per meal — for a family of FOUR! That’s $2.00 per person! Now granted our littlest person still relies heavily on milk and all things puff shaped, it still counts since we always give him whatever we are having in smaller pieces.

I’ve compiled the recipes and ingredient lists we followed below, each list is for one freezer meal so you are able to multiply by however many servings you want to prep. This is such a great opportunity to get together with friends or family and meal prep together! Each person can be responsible for a portion of ingredients and everyone gets to take home freezer meals. Zero stress!

But here’s the best thing, the recipes we used — they are all EASY. So simple to put together and very little prep, after all I’m doing this because I’m not a cook! The messiest part of it all was filling the enchiladas, which is always messy! Lucky for us — (12) pans of enchiladas, 1 mess! Such a huge success in itself.

If you’re going to tackle this yourself or feel inspired to meal prep, you need these. Game changer. I didn’t know they existed until my mom shipped them blindly to my house. Honestly, it just looked like some turkey filling tool to me (shrug emoji). These bad boys hold open your bags. And not JUST for meal prepping. Leftovers in a ziploc bag? Holder. Making puppy chow? Holder. They have probably been my most used kitchen tool this month, other than the microwave.

So here’s the grand ol’ list! We hope you find something you love! Let us know if you try these out and which one is your favorite! Or if you’re nervous to try this and need a kick in the pants–I’ll be here for moral support.

Beef Pot Roast
Chicken and Rice Casserole
Sausage Gravy
Cooked Ground Beef
Cooked Shredded Chicken
Beef Enchilada
Chicken Enchilada
Chicken Parmesan Lasagna
Beef Lasagna
Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

Coffee in hand,

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