DIY Workshop – Large Framed Print (Saturday, March 21st @ 3 p.m.)


18″ x 24″ DIY Art Print Workshop

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Join us for our first ever, DIY Large Print workshop! Together we will create an 18″x 24″ framed art print, using an image of your choice. I am so excited to bring my DIY dream to life. We can do hard things together — and I can’t wait to help you create a piece you will love in your home! We don’t have to spend 100’s of dollars to have a gallery piece in our homes anymore.

Image of Kelsea holding two DIY framed art prints in black and white of a smiling boy and girl.
We can do hard things!

You are 100% capable of creating a beautiful piece, I am just here to guide you with a no frills, straight forward project.

Products we will be using:
18″ x 24″ Black and White Print (engineer print)
18″ x 24″ Sanded Plywood
Trim Pieces
Hanging Hardware
3M Spray Adhesive
Ryobi Airstrike Pin Nailer
Your choice of Paint/Stain (White, Black, Walnut, Unfinished Pine)

I’ll provide the hands on instruction and tools!

Once you have completed the signup, you’ll receive an email with instructions to send your selected image to and a request to confirm which frame finish you would like. Please note — the images should be the original copy or taken on an iPhone for the best print quality. If after printing, the quality isn’t high enough and turns out TOO grainy, I will reach out to you for a different image selection.


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