Welcome: My 2020 Challenge… Accepted?

Howdy Ya’ll! No I am not southern — although at a different time in my life I might have been. But saying Hey! Is just a little awkward for an initial welcome, right? I believe the insertion of ya’ll just brings familiarity and if nothing else, an awkward ice breaker. So, Hey! Welcome to Burnt Java! This is me (almost always awkward) — and I am really shouting over here and excited we are here together!

Welcome! This is me! DIY Mama, smiling through exhaustion and cold coffee in hand.

Watch out world, K-sizzle is making waves this year and taking her life back.

It is no secret to those closest to me, that 2019 was actually the hardest year of my life. I know that sounds incredibly dramatic but, hear me out. Having a baby and becoming a stay at home mom within weeks, felt like I had erased any existence I had ever known. Scratch that–it absolutely did erase what I had known. Looking in the mirror, I no longer recognized the person I was or where my life was leading. I think that a lot of people, including me, underestimate the transformation that happens when you become a mother. You can read hundreds of books on how to raise a baby, but there are no books on how to ‘raise’ the new you.

Navigating ‘motherhood, rd. 2’, has been a wild ride. A little over a year in to this and I think I am finally getting the hang of it. No time like the present, eh? My sweet Anabelle has always been such a breeze, and honestly made me feel like adding a second child would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I mistaken. A newborn, growing into an infant and now toddler is so dramatically different than a walking, communicating, potty trained 4 year old. Who knew? I know that sounds so dumb. Obviously they are different. But I wholeheartedly thought I knew what I was doing and what I was getting into.

With all that said — my summary of 2019 ended up being the word ‘baby’. Sawyer consumed my entire existence, and all of our lives have changed since he was brought into the world. Now that he is looming toddler-hood and our once 4 year old is now edging into a pre-teen; we are taking 2020 by the horns. Look out, ya’ll! (Pesky ya’ll again)

So a big, exciting welcome to my rough draft of life, hopefully an outlet to connect with other struggle bus moms (where you at!) and a place to expand my creativity. Going forward, my mantra for 2020 is Show Up & Declutter. I’m super hopeful and have really high expectations. Kind of like when you’re going to clean the house a week before Christmas and on Christmas Eve you’re washing baseboards. No? Just me? I know, the memory is too fresh in our minds, too soon.

Short and sweet — we are going to declutter this mess, and live a more intentional life. Hopefully with some productive DIY’s along the way and making our house a home. With the last year being all about the life of our little nugget Sawyer, it is really important to be able to Show Up for my family better. The world kind of revolved around him, and for good reason, but they all deserve more of me and we all deserve more of each other.

So here we go — Cheers to the stale cup of coffee sitting next to me. And Cheers to you for making it this far! Let’s do this thing!

With Cold Coffee in Hand,

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