meet kelsea

Hi friends! Welcome to BurntJava where the sleep is minimal and the coffee is always forgotten in the microwave. I’m Kelsea! I’m naturally curious and generally overconfident in my ability to create things without making a mess. I love DIY and woodworking as it is an ever changing hobby. I have a hard time staying focused for long periods of time so you will often see me jumping from one project to another. One day it will be picking a paint for a hallway and the next I’m building a rock wall for the kiddos. No really–that just happened.

We are currently living in Wisconsin where the cold winds are nearly constant, and I’m still unsure if the bitter temperature outweighs the amount of snow I grew up knowing in Michigan. I live with my husband, Jon, and our two kiddos Sawyer and Anabelle. We have a husky pup named Winnie Cooper and a tuxedo feline named Xena (yes, the warrior princess).

I have always been crafty and grew up learning how to sew versus cook — which is why most of my recipes are throwing basic ingredients in a pan and crossing my fingers. I love being creative and it has been the one and only constant I’ve held onto over the years.

Last year, after having my first born, Sawyer, I struggled deeply with anxiety and depression while trying to figure out what my new role looked like. I couldn’t seem to grasp that my entire life as I knew it was erased and now I’m home with a helpless potato. But really — no one ever tells you how much having a baby changes you. Not just physically, as there are enough details on that out there, but mentally.

It still seems taboo to talk about what happens to your mental state. I went from rushing toward a career and balancing being a stepmom and wife, to being a homebody living on sleep increments of two hours. Before we had Sawyer, the plan was always to go back to work to keep some of our realities the same. And then when my six weeks home was up, I actually broke down in tears and panicked. I no longer recognized myself or the person I was before bringing Sawyer into the world.

So I left it all behind and decided to stay home with our little nugget. The last year was brutal. I have never experienced the tidal wave of emotions up and down so much as I had in 2019. I was grasping at a new version of myself and poured myself into working on projects throughout our home. And little by little, I was building myself into this new person, showing myself that I am fully capable of being happy in our new life as a family of four.

So this is our new normal! I’m so incredibly lucky that I have the support of my little family.