Week three of the One Room Challenge is finally behind us, and I’m hoping all of the bumps in the road are behind us as well! After having a run-in with a flight of stairs, we called in reinforcements to help keep us on schedule. This week the plan startedContinue Reading

Image of Kelsea holding two DIY framed art prints in black and white of a smiling boy and girl.

Did you know that in order to print a large image and get it framed at Michael’s, you are looking at well over $100? Per frame?? I have been staring at the wall above our couch and dreaming of printing pictures to hang for months now and I couldn’t stomachContinue Reading

Y’all, I thought it was Friday all day today. Today is the Fridayest Thursday I have had in a long time. At every turn, I would mutter, thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday! Nope. Just not true. On Fridays we have a tradition of Breakfast for Dinner, as it is theContinue Reading

Howdy Ya’ll! No I am not southern — although at a different time in my life I might have been. But saying Hey! Is just a little awkward for an initial welcome, right? I believe the insertion of ya’ll just brings familiarity and if nothing else, an awkward ice breaker.Continue Reading